Housing Cost-Burdened Older Adults

Finger Lakes Region

This chart displays the percent of older adult renters who spend 30% or more of their household income on rent (GRAPI), as well as the percent of older adult homeowners who spend 30% or more of their household income on selected monthly owner costs (SMOCAPI). The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defines a household as cost-burdened when monthly housing costs (including utilities) exceed 30% of monthly income. In 2021, the range of cost-burdened home-owning older adults was 18%-26%, depending on the county. However, the range of cost-burdened renting older adults was even higher at 33%-59%, with five of the nine regional counties having ≥ 50% of their older adult renter population as cost-burdened. When such a large percentage of household income is spent on housing, it leaves less remaining to address other necessities such as food and healthcare. 

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