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  • Lessons from the Frontlines: Transforming Health Requires Flexibility

    Mar. 20, 2018 - ReThink Health Ventures launched at the end of 2016 to help regional multisector partnerships accelerate momentum and break through barriers to transform health. They invited Trilby de Jung, CEO of Common Ground Health, to share her perspective about how the stakeholders’ decision to work with an established multisector partnership to accomplish their goals has been playing out in the Finger Lakes.

  • Common Ground Health announces new CEO

    Feb. 21, 2018 - Wade Norwood will succeed Trilby de Jung as CEO of Common Ground Health, the region’s heath planning organization, starting July 13. Norwood currently serves as chief strategy officer for Common Ground Health. He has more than three decades of service in public office, education and regional health improvement. de Jung will rejoin her family in Portland, Oregon, after her youngest son graduates from high school.



We bring together decision makers from across the community to discuss regional health challenges and build consensus around solutions.

Practice Transformation

We help medical practices embrace a team approach to care, a new model that improves outcomes, lowers costs and increases patient and doctor satisfaction.

Healthi Kids

Working with parents, government officials and school staff, our Healthi Kids Coalition is helping to improve lunchroom nutrition, create safer play spaces and increase physical activity during the school day.

High Blood Pressure

This business-led health campaign supports initiatives in medical practices, congregations, worksites, neighborhoods and even barbershops and salons.

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