Promoting health and unity: 'A Call to Women of Color' event highlights community resources
September 16, 2023 - Jackie Dozier, Director of Community Health and Well-being at Common Ground Health said, “So we want to make sure that we are all taking care of ourselves and trying to strive to be as healthy as we can be because when our women are healthy, our villages are healthier."
Women of color invited to gather to promote healthy living
Rochester Business Journal
September 15, 2023 - The Common Ground Health event, A Call to Women of Color, focuses on empowering women and girls of color to engage in conversation and promote healthy living among women,
Gillibrand pushes for nearly $180 million to address maternal health issues
September 9, 2023 - A new report from Common Ground Health titled, Unheard / Ignorado, said that Latino communities in Rochester are three times more likely to experience adverse health outcomes.
Technology helps bring health equity to underserved communities
Rochester Business Journal
September 6, 2023 - “From my perspective, technology has a huge value to provide health equity,” says Albert Blankley, COO of Common Ground Health.
Thousands more Monroe County children will get free school lunch this year
Democrat and Chronicle
August 28, 2023 - "Kids learn better, develop better and grow better socially, emotionally, intellectually, academically and physically when they’re well fed," said Mike Bulger, healthy communities coordinator with Healthi Kids, an initiative of Common Ground Health.
Wade Norwood profile by RBJ
Rochester Business Journal
August 25, 2023 - "The biggest health care need is to eliminate racial and socioeconomic disparities", says Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health.
Empowering children through play: Rochester's 'Healthi Kids' summit highlights benefits of playful learning
August 21, 2023 - "Throughout [the COVID pandemic], we had a number of parent leaders in our coalition saying, 'It's really important to bring back play into our kids lives,'" explained Jenn Beideman, director of whole child health advocacy for Common Ground Health.
New report on Latino community exposes health inequities
Rochester Business Journal
July 28, 2023 - “Our data shows that Latinos are three times more likely to live in poverty," said Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health.
Report details health inequities in Rochester Latino population
Rochester First
July 26, 2023 - Common Ground Health released a new report detailing the health inequities that exist when Latino voices go unheard.
Latino community faces serious health inequities. A new report offers some solutions
July 26, 2023 - Wade Norwood, CEO at Common Ground Health said "poverty and lack of insurance can lead to health inequities and a lack of access to health care."
What we can do to help Latinos struggling in the health care system
News 10 NBC
July 26, 2023 - “This report and the data in this report is my lived experience," said Julio Jordan, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Ibero American Action League and Co-Chair of Common Ground Health's Latino Coalition.
State Health Commissioner Visited Western New York to Meet with Local Health Care Leaders
New York State Press Release
June 16, 2023 - New York State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald met with Common Ground Health leaders to discuss regional health challenges.