We bring focus to community health issues via data analysis, community engagement and solution implementation through community collaboration and partnership.

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Our Common Ground Health foundation is built on relationships with one another. We are fact gatherers, advocates, conveners, engagers, coaches, mentors and much more. Our staff is the most valuable resource our organization has for advancing that mission.

We approach our relationships at Common Ground Health with integrity, transparency and objectivity. We assume good intent and recognize that we are each individuals and unique parts of this team.

We strive to create and maintain a physically, emotionally and socially healthy work environment. We want our colleagues to look forward to coming to work each day to deliver the highest quality of work possible. We will strive to act as a healthy and collaborative workplace as we bring that message to others.

Everyone brings a story to work. We each have a perspective that is different from others' and can enhance our work together. We will embrace these differences as part of the process to high quality outcomes. We celebrate "teachable moments," even and especially when they may be uncomfortable. Our organization and our stories are ever changing, growing and improving.


Inclusivity, objectivity, diversity, trust, collaboration, integrity, transparency and respect.


- Involve all relevant stakeholders at the community table to develop solutions and achieve success.

- Leverage expertise for innovative and transformative solutions.

- Produce work that is data-driven, measureable, and outcome-oriented.

- Define success collaboratively, seeking solutions from stakeholders in a manner that is non-prescriptive and unbiased.

- Offer an effective mechanism for competitors to work with us to develop the best solutions.