Sharing the information you need to better manage your health and promote good health in the community

Our speakers provide vetted information about:

  • Family partnership and engagement
  • Health equity
  • Health literacy
  • Health self-management
  • Healthy food systems
  • Issues related to whole child health
  • Infant and early childhood mental health
  • Mental health and suicide prevention
  • Play and physical activity in neighborhoods and schools
  • COVID-19 and other emerging health threats

Speakers are available for audiences throughout the Finger Lakes region.

We offer a diverse selection of trusted content experts who can tailor a formal presentation or informal chat to your audience. Speakers can address your group virtually or in person, with masking and social distancing guidelines followed as needed.

Bilingual speakers are available.

Our goal is to provide accurate information so people can make informed decisions about how to best protect and improve their health and the health of their loved ones.


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