The goal of the Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board (CTAAB) is to maintain a health care system with adequate capacity, access and high-quality care to meet the community’s needs. While ensuring that health care services remain affordable, CTAAB helps our region decide when new health care investments make sense and when they don’t.

Comprised of community-minded individuals, the board appraises the region’s need for additional medical services and facilities. Supported with data and analysis by Common Ground, board members take into account geographic location, access, cost-effectiveness and quality. Final determinations are based on thorough reviews of technology and need, and a consensus on tough issues.

CTAAB also provides regional recommendations for Certificate of Need (CON) reviews—New York State’s approval process for major capital projects in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

Since CTAAB’s establishment in 1993, the board has worked to ensure patient access to medical services and technology while containing costs at the community health care level. From 2015 to 2019, CTAAB reviews saved $13.8 million in annual operating costs for the region.

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Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board (CTAAB) Members

Members include representatives from health care systems, higher education, business, health insurers, community nonprofits and other organizations.


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