The Regional Consortium on Health Care Workforce brings together decision makers and subject matter experts to address workforce challenges faced by health care providers in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region. Co-convened by the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System, the consortium is addressing a wide range of issues, such as recruitment, retention, essential skills and competencies, and reducing shortages for key health care positions. 


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Critical Condition: Sustainable Investments Required to Build a Skilled, Supported and Equitable Health Care Workforce


The Workforce Consortium accomplishes its work through the following strategies:

  • Promoting effective policies to support workforce development,
  • Informing partners about regional progress towards meeting the region’s need for health care workforce, and
  • Leveraging efforts across multiple stakeholders for shared learning and optimal impact.

Additional initiatives focus on these areas:


  • Continuously assess essential skills and competencies including cultural competencies
  • Continuously update and revise training programs
  • Improve access to training


  • Define staffing needs and conduct gap analysis as new models of care emerge
  • Foster the use of technology
  • Identify professional standards, licensure and development for new roles


  • Expand and enhance pipeline programs for healthcare workers, including diverse workers
  • Assure educational institutional capacity to meet the needs of the pipeline
  • Improve recruitment and retention strategies for new graduates and existing health care professionals

Coordinating Planning Efforts

The consortium helps to connect and coordinate workforce initiatives with other local, regional and state organizations, including the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, New York State Education Department, the Regional Economic Development Council, and New York State Department of Health.

View maps of regional health care provider shortage areas here.

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Read 2017 consortium recommendations here.

Regional Inventory of Health Care Workforce Pipeline

A draft inventory of our region's health care workforce pipeline is available for review. We invite your feedback! Please email Melissa Pennise to let us know what information will be valuable to you, missing programs that we should include, or other feedback on the format and use of a regional inventory of health care workforce programs.

For more information on upcoming meetings, check out our calendar below, or email us at

Regional Health Care Workforce Consortium Members

Members of the Regional Consortium on Health Care Workforce include representatives from health care systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers, community based organizations, education, health insurers, home care organizations and other partners.


Access a wealth of data related to workforce needs in the Finger Lakes from our Insights Library.


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