The African American Health Coalition seeks to improve health equity for Black residents in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region. The long-standing advisory group brings together community leaders and health professionals to coordinate efforts to improve health for communities of color.

The coalition began as a task force in 2002 and was officially established in 2007. It has a proud history of providing community data on health outcomes for African Americans. In 2003, members issued a study of health disparities experienced by Black residents in Rochester's highest poverty neighborhoods. Updated most recently in 2014, the ‘What’s Goin’ On’ report documented higher rates of illness and premature mortality among Black residents. The report focused on the need to address social determinants of health as a central strategy for eliminating inequities.

Today, the coalition continues to identify unmet needs for African Americans and works to improve the collection of data on race and ethnicity. The coalition also advocates with health systems to improve outcomes for people of color.

The African American Health Coalition meets monthly at Common Ground. Part of the meeting is open to the public.

To attend the next meeting, visit our calendar below, or email us at

African American Health Coalition Members

Members include representatives from government, health care systems, health insurers, community nonprofits, higher education and other organizations. 


Access a wealth of data about the health of African Americans in the Finger Lakes region from our Insights Library.


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