Formed in July 2020, the Finger Lakes Reopening Schools Safely Task Force works to ensure the physical and emotional health and safety of students and their families, education professionals and the community as schools in 13 Finger Lakes counties navigate the unprecedented process of reopening in the midst of a pandemic.

Along with parent representatives, the task force brings together 40-plus leaders from public health, health care, education, government and nonprofits. The cross-sector planning group provides a forum for candid discussion among stakeholder groups and ensures that local decisions are guided by the latest scientific findings about COVID-19.

The task force is committed to equity for all students, including those who live in poverty, lack internet access or have special needs.

Recognizing that reopening is a long-term process, not a single day event, the task force will provide an ongoing forum for handling the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, which can change rapidly.

Read the opening statement from the task force in English and Spanish.


Finger Lakes Reopening Schools Safely Task Force - Interim Report

School masking fact sheet - Information on masking in schools from the Finger Lakes Reopening Schools Safely Health and Safety Workgroup

Return to Play (Sports and Physical Education) after a COVID-19 infection (both English and Spanish)

Return to Play pediatric self assessment form for parents

Quarantine and Isolation infographicguidance for when a parent/caregiver tests positive for COVID-19
Spanish version

COVID-19 Testing in Schools in English and Spanish: information on recent yellow zone testing requirements

Keeping Kids Healthy: tips on how to keep kids healthy in and out of school

ROC the Future COVID-19 & Schools infographic: information for Rochester & Monroe County

COVID-19 Incubation infographic: explains the timeline from initial exposure to a positive test.

COVID schools decision making flow charts: Can my child go to school today? Can I go to work at a school?

Handbook for caregivers and families on how to deal with anxieties and stress around COVID-19.

Helping students process their feelings through COVID-19.

Guidance for teachers on how to protect their mental health.

Healthi Kids infographic in English and Spanish: how to help your child adjust to wearing a mask

Videos to encourage kids to wash their hands and wear a mask.

The University of Rochester's mask took kit: access resources for helping your child wear a mask.

Accountable Health Partners tip sheet: learn about effective strategies for helping your child feel comfortable wearing a mask.

ROC COVID: join thousands of parents in the fight against COVID-19 by answering yes or no to a daily text or email asking if you are experiencing symptoms. Sign up and learn more at

Frequently Asked Questions from the Monroe County Department of Public Health: get the facts on what happens when students or staff test positive for COVID-19.

Monroe County Department of Public Health: what happens if someone in a classroom tests positive for COVID-19

Three ways to get a COVID-19 test in Monroe County: Monroe County Department of Health guidance

CDC posters: colorful flyers on hand washing, wearing a mask, distancing and more in English and Spanish. Downloads are available in PDF and jpg versions.



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