Welcome to The Healers' Village, a home for culturally responsive healing and wellness approaches and practices for people of the African Diaspora.


Mission- To create an ecosystem of wellness for Black People where they can find, achieve, and maintain their ultimate wellness as they define it.

Vision- A community where Black people can be their best selves physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. They have access to all the resources they need to find, achieve, and maintain their wellness as they define it. All disparities are eliminated, and Black people are unrestricted access to culturally responsive systems, services, and supports.


Emotional Emancipation Circles

Emotional Emancipation Circles (EE Circles, EECs) are self-help support groups designed to help heal, and end, the trauma caused by the root cause of anti-Black racism: the centuries-old lie of White superiority and Black inferiority.

Originated by Community Healing Network, and developed in collaboration with The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), EECs are liberatory spaces in which Black people share stories to deepen our understanding of self-worth, our relationships, and our communities. Together, we learn essential emotional wellness skills to help us be our best as individuals and as a people.


Rapid Response Ubuntu Healing Circles

Our Ubuntu Healing Circles serve as healing spaces for Black people to come together and heal in times of real crises for our community. These circles are spaces for Black bodies, minds and spirits to experience love, empathy, safety and strength from each other in times of acute need.


Indigenous Psychotherapy™ Certification (IPC)

Culture and worldview are important variables to consider when conceptualizing mental health treatment modalities.  Most of the models currently used contemporarily, worldwide are based on a linear framework that emphasizes individuality, materialism, and control as tenants for industrialization, the movement of a society away from agrarian lifestyles toward consumer-oriented priorities.  This industrialization creates social, emotional, and spiritual blockages that impact peoples’ intrinsic tendencies towards holistic wellness. Working effectively with Black families requires culturally competent interventions that honor and build upon their strengths and give attention to the intricate dynamics of relationships. Such interventions strengthen the practitioner or healer with increased self – awareness and a motivation to join on an energic level with the client system, to foster a healing environment in which the system can actualize its needs.  

This intensive training program introduces practitioners to modalities for family interventions that are rooted in African Psychology and ancient, Ayurvedic principles for healthy and sustainable living. Together, these philosophies lay the foundation for the self – actualization of healers and the healing capacity of individuals and families, of the Diaspora. 

The primary pillars of the program that are covered include, but not limited to:

1. Homatherapy

2. Enriched Structural Family Therapy

3. NTU Psychotherapy

4. Anti -Racist, Culturally – Competent Engagement


Anti Racist Culturally Competent Treatment for Black Families Certification

In order to evolve the helping professions to holistic and life affirming intervention and modality, white clinicians require a reorientation to the function and purpose of treatment --one that clearly confronts, challenges, and deconstructs the tenets of white supremacy and reframes the condition, needs, and strengths of black and indigenous people of color. Immersion, openness, and commitment are essential for the willing practitioner, as such an evolution will demand ownership of one’s privilege, dissecting and evaluating the history of racism in our work, and an unwavering resolve to address trauma and prohibit re-traumatization at the hands of the practitioner.  

As such, this certification is designed to comprehensively explore racism in America: how it has and continues to traumatize generations of black people; its impact on traditional modalities of health and healing; and how, despite its pervasiveness, it is possible to establish oneself as a culturally competent, anti–racist helper and practitioner.

Please click here for the certification application.


Coaching and Support

After completion of the IP/ARCCT certification courses participants can attend monthly coaching and support calls.  These calls are designed to help participants strengthen their skills as they implement what they have learned in the course. This is also a circle of support for participants to provide them a space to discuss their experiences with doing work in this way.