Effort to boost vaccination rates gets funding
Rochester Beacon
August 9, 2021 - Common Ground Health and FLPPS to work with regional vaccine hubs in its 13-county region.
New vaccine campaign highlights those who overcame hesitancy, health leaders
Rochester First
August 9, 2021 - Local organizations teaming together for the "You deserve Answers" campaign include Common Ground Health, CauseWave Community Partners, as well as other local health leaders.
Racial disparities in health care, cardiovascular outcomes
Rochester Business Journal
August 3, 2021 - Dr. Linda Clark, CMO of Common Ground Health, says the existence of racial disparities in health outcomes is well documented.
Monroe County Health Dept., local health systems implementing vaccine-or-test requirement
August 2, 2021 - "I am proud of the meaningful progress we've made in expanding equitable access to vaccines across the region," Common Ground Health CEO Wade Norwood said.
A look at community ambassadors' role in the vaccine effort
WHEC News 10
July 27, 2021 - Common Ground Health ambassadors are working to get more people vaccinated.
'Shots at the Shop' offers vaccine shots, information to visitors
July 19, 2021 - The “Shots in the Shop” initiative was supported by Common Ground Health by giving gift cards to visitors who chose to get their shots.
Local campaign spreads youth mental health resources across FLX; Juneteenth celebrations
July 14, 2021 - Phyllis Jackson, Community Wellness Project Manager of Common Ground Health says data confirms COVID has exacerbated issues of mental health among teens.
Common Ground Health Report Reveals Racism At Center Of Public Health Crisis
July 12, 2021 - Dr. Linda Clark, CMO of Common Ground Health said , "I am painfully aware of the need to inspire, recruit, train, and retain more health care professionals of color in our community.”
Common Ground Health Report Analyzes Racial Prejudice
July 10, 2021 - "If you are Black, whether you live on the financial edge or enjoy a six-figure salary, the fact that you are more likely to die earlier than your white counterparts tells us that what’s going on with regard to health cuts across class lines, says Wade Norwood CEO of Common Ground Health.
“The Color of Health” from Common Ground Health Focuses on Impacts of Racial Inequity in Healthcare
July 10, 2021 - Common Ground Health's report "The Color of Heath" focuses on the toll of racism on Black lives in the greater Rochester area.
Common Ground Health report reveals racism at center of public health crisis
July 9, 2021 - Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health says, “To improve health for Black residents, we need to address what happens in classrooms, on the way to school, on the job and in the home."
Common Ground Health releases report on racism's impact on Black health
WHEC News 10
July 9, 2021 - Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health says that the level of treatment for health care should not come down to the color of one's skin.