Life expectancy has fallen steeply for people in the Finger Lakes region: Here's why
Democrat & Chronicle
April 1, 2024 - “The color of your skin or amount of resources in your neighborhood should not determine how long you live,” said Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health.
A new approach to women’s health and wellness | Health Care
Rochester Business Journal
March 25, 2024 - Common Ground Health reports that in the Finger Lakes region, life-threatening delivery complications and serious maternal illnesses are more frequent among Black women compared to White women.
Dyson Day 2024 - “Promoting Physical Fitness Opportunities for All Children”
URMC Center For Community Health & Prevention
March 25, 2024 - Common Ground Health took part in Dyson Day's discussion around equity and inclusivity in promoting physical fitness opportunities for children.
Rochester neighborhood creating safe space for kids to play
Spectrum News 1
March 22, 2024 - "Our data shows that 82% of kids don't play in traditional parks and playgrounds," said Jenn Beideman, director of Whole Child Health Advocacy for Common Ground Health.
Nominations open for health equity awards
Finger Lakes Times
March 16, 2024 - The 2024 Speak Life! Health Equity Conference is accepting nominations for their health equity awards.
Rural Homelessness on the Rise: Unveiling the Hidden Crisis in Finger Lakes Communities
Sun Wellsville
March 9, 2024 - Common Ground Health's CEO Wade Norwood says “Homelessness in our region knows no boundaries – it affects people of every race, gender, age, and ethnicity, both in bustling cities and sleepy rural towns alike.”
Youth mental health a 'hidden crisis' after COVID: Monroe County report
Democrat & Chronicle
March 5, 2024 - Children in Monroe County "need agape love,” says Common Ground Health's Director of Mental Health and Wellness Melanie Funchess.
Rochester Report Reveals COVID-19's Lasting Mental Health Impact on Youth
February 29, 2024 - Common Ground Health's report, 'Unseen: Youth Mental Health and Wellness in the Pandemic Era' marks a critical step towards acknowledging and addressing the deep-seated issues exacerbated by the pandemic.
Recent report highlights Rochester youth’s mental health following pandemic
Rochester First
February 29, 2024 - Unseen: Youth Mental Health and Wellness in the Pandemic Era, a report released by Common Ground Health focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic’s long-lasting effects on Rochester Youth’s mental health.
New report highlights social isolation challenges post-pandemic in Finger Lakes
February 23, 2024 - Common Ground Health's new report, derived from the 2022 “My Health Story” survey across the Rochester-Finger Lakes region, underscores the widespread nature of social isolation affecting individuals across various income levels and educational backgrounds.
Report: Adults struggling with social isolation
Finger Lakes Times
February 22, 2024 - Common Ground Health released a new report, “Social Isolation and the Benefits of Intergenerational Connection."
Study: Adults in Region Are Struggling With Social Isolation, Loneliness
Finger Lakes Daily News
February 21, 2024 - Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health, said “This spotlight validates the experiences of those who have had a really difficult time and who have felt a lack of support from their communities over the past few years.”