As Congress considers national health care legislation, we’ve pulled together seven local numbers to know about Medicaid, the government insurance program that covers people who cannot afford health care, are disabled or require nursing home care.

24% of Monroe County residents are covered by Medicaid

38% of children in Monroe County are insured with Medicaid

39% of emergency department visits in the Finger Lakes were paid for by Medicaid in 2015

40% of deliveries of babies in the Finger Lakes were covered by Medicaid in 2015

47% drop in the uninsured rate for adults in Monroe County following the expansion of Medicaid eligibility between 2011 and 2015 (from 10.8 to 5.7 percent)

71% of New York State nursing home residents are covered by Medicaid.

100,000+ children in the Finger Lakes region are covered by Medicaid

All sources are from state Department of Health data with analysis by Common Ground Health.

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