Insights website

Are you searching for a breakout of smoking rates by income in the Finger Lakes region? Are you working on a grant proposal and need to include a graph of prenatal care trends in the Finger Lakes region? Do you need a map of food insecurity rates by ZIP code in Rochester to use in a presentation?

Common Ground’s new online gallery of data visualizations called Insights can help. Located on the Common Ground website, Insights allows users to easily search and download images about regional health outcomes.

“We hope that Insights will become a community resource to help further the conversation around health improvement in our region,” said Amie Kulak, director of analytics for Common Ground Health.

Insights currently features 220 pages of maps, charts and graphs from the 2018 Health Equity Chartbook. Topics include access to care, behavioral health, cancer, chronic conditions, dental health, health behaviors, living conditions, population demographics, pregnancy/infant mortality, premature mortality and substance abuse.

Each page has a searchable headline and text, which help search engines find individual data visualizations. The visualizations include the source of information, and each page lists methodology notes. At the bottom of each Insights page are curated links to other related data visualizations.

We encourage partners to download images for grants, presentations, news stories, reports and other publications.

As Common Ground’s analytics team produces new materials, these assets will be stored in the library for all to use. With one click, users can post items to social media or email them to others. Users can also share a link to insights categorized by a specific topic or search term.

"Insights has quickly become one of the top-viewed sections of our website, said Susan Hagen, director of communications for Common Ground Health. “Our goal is for Insights to continue to grow in content, becoming an even more valuable resource for partners and the public.”

Explore the Insights library here.