For the past decade, the High Blood Pressure Collaborative has focused on reducing strokes, heart attacks and other catastrophic health outcomes linked to hypertension. To celebrate the region’s steady progress and to lay the ground work for the next chapter in addressing chronic illness, the Collaborative has published a 10-year retrospective.

The report pays tribute to the leadership of our business community through the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and its health care planning team. It also provides a concise timelines of the Collaborative’s many clinical and community initiatives and explores the lessons we've learned along the journey.

Spotlighting the importance of shared measurement, the retrospective shows how the hypertension registry managed by Common Ground Health proved to be an invaluable tool for tracking improvement, allowing the Collaborative to demonstrate empirically the region’s improvement. Registry data show that since 2010 the percentage of residents with blood pressure of 160/100 or higher has dropped 41 percent.

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