Prevalence of Under-Managed Hypertension Among 35-64 Year Olds

Finger Lakes Region

There is a clear correlation between living conditions and the  prevalence of under-managed hypertension.

Based on data from the 2018 My Health Story survey, the charts below show the percent of the 35-64 yr old population who says they have hypertension that isn’t managed so well.

  • People who are always stressed about affording healthy food are 2.5x as likely to have under-managed hypertension as those who are never or rarely stressed about affording healthy food.
  • The prevalence of under-managed hypertension is nearly 5x for those who are always/often have trouble accessing medical care due to transportation challenges.
  • Those who live in neighborhoods they deem not safe are 3.7x as likely to have under-managed hypertension as those who say they live in a very safe area.

Through a combination of direct and indirect mechanisms, the living conditions and stresses related to financial insecurity are connected to much worse health outcomes.

This data visualization is part of Overloaded: The Heavy Toll of Poverty on Our Region's Health Report.

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