Population Trend for Older Adults

Finger Lakes Region

This chart displays the trend of the Finger Lakes region population aged 55+ (in thousands) by age group from 1990-2020. In 1990, the regional population aged 55+ was approximately 262,000 individuals. By 2020, this group grew to approximately 423,000 individuals, representing a 61% increase in this population between that time period. Individually, the 55-64 population saw a 79% increase, the 65-74 population had a 57% increase, and the 75+ population had a 41% increase during this time. These trends show an increase in the older adult population over the past several decades, and the Cornell University Program of Applied Demographics is anticipating that the region’s 65+ population will continue to grow through 2040. It is important to consider this shift in demographics when planning for the future as adequate healthcare, services and workforce will be needed to properly serve the older adult population. 

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