Chronic Disease Prevalence and Preventable Inpatient Visit (PQI) Rates: Latino vs White

New York Finger Lakes Region

The charts compare chronic disease prevalence rates and preventable hospitalization rates between Latino and White non-Latino residents. Latino residents in the Finger Lakes region are 15% less likely than White non-Latino adults to have high blood pressure. Despite this, the rate of preventable hospital stays (PQI) for hypertension among Latino residents exceeds the rate of White non-Latino residents by 234%.

In the case of diabetes, we see a similar pattern of disproportionate hospital visits among Latino residents.  While the data shows Latinos only have a slightly higher prevalence of diabetes than White non-Latino adults, the hospital visit rate is much higher. These poorer health outcomes for Latino residents show a need for improved access to preventative and chronic disease care.

This data visualization is part of Unheard: How Silencing Latino Voices Harms Latino Health Equity.

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