Since 2008, the Healthi Kids Coalition has worked to improve children’s lives in our region. The coalition guides efforts to create policies and practices that support healthy minds, bodies and relationships for children from birth to eight years of age. Knowing that it takes a village to nurture a child, Healthi Kids partners with organizations, neighborhood leaders, residents and families. Their change agenda embraces kids and families at the heart of all decision-making. 

Healthi Kids works to:

  • Ensure every child is happy, healthy and supported with high-quality, trauma informed education

  • Expand access to services that build healthy minds and healthy families during a child’s first years of life

  • Advance equitable communities by addressing crime and safety concerns, expanding access to fruits and vegetables and improving the built environment

  • Promote opportunities for play through safe, accessible playgrounds and other infrastructure, resident-led play activities and daily recess in schools

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Healthi Kids Coalition Members

Meeting twice a year, the coalition includes more than 70 representatives from business, education, the community, nonprofits and local government. View the coalition’s membership roster here.


Access a wealth of data about the health of children in the Finger Lakes from our Insights Library.


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