Susan Hagen, MS

Director of Communications

Since 2014, Susan Hagen has served as director of communications for Common Ground, driving strategies that advance the agency’s efforts to forge collaborative solutions to the region’s health care challenges. Prior to Common Ground, Hagen served a senior press officer for the University of Rochester. She covered research for national and local audiences and internal publications. She also led public relations and marketing at the Landmark Society, where she helped to launch Rochester’s popular Inside Downtown Tour. A journalist early in her career, Hagen was a news magazine reporter and covered Congress for States News Service, a Washington, D. C. bureau for smaller newspapers.

Hagen is a firm believer in the power of storytelling as an effective way of communicating complex issues and an equally firm believer in the importance of data and analytics to uncover broad trends and pinpoint inequalities in the region’s health care. She holds a master's degree in management from the University of Rochester's Simon School of Business and a master's in history from the University of Calgary. A native of North Carolina, she is an enthusiastic bicycle commuter as long as the snow stays away.

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