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  • Cameron Community Ministries' Peace Walk

    Rochester First

    May 30, 2019- Kids in the Lyell neighborhood experience six times the crime rate than the City average according to the Healthi Kids Coalition of Common Ground.

  • Local kids march for peace


    May 30, 2019- Common Ground's Healthi Kids Coalition advocates for safer, more accessible places for kids to play in Rochester.

  • Peace Walk returning to Lyell/Otis Neighborhood

    Fox Rochester

    May 30, 2019-Healthi Kids and Cameron Community Ministries are teaming up to support children during the 7th Annual Peace Walk in the Lyell/Otis neighborhood on May 30, 2019.

  • "Walk Audit" highlights active transportion

    WXXI News

    May 24, 2019-After attending Common Ground's Active Transportation Summit, planners and advocates from around the Rochester region said they were leaving the city with new ideas for making streets more welcoming to pedestrians. 

  • Children to address violence in annual Peace Walk

    Rochester Business Journal

    May 28, 2019Cameron Community Ministries, the Healthi Kids Coalition and the Lyell/Otis Neighborhood Association march for peace and their right to play in a safe neighborhood.

  • Discussing Rochester's bike lane problem

    WXXI Connections

    May 17, 2019- Mike Bulger joins a discussion of the health benefits of commuting by bike or on foot in advance of Common Ground's Active Transportation Summit.

  • WELL Campaign draws NYS senators and assembly members

    Teachers' College of Columbia University

    May 26, 2019-Common Ground's Alicia Evans joined state legislators and policy advocates in Albany as part of the WELL Campaign to strenghten and prioritize school wellness policies for all New York students. (See page 8.)

  • Public input sought for developing health priorities

    Finger Lakes Times

    May 15, 2019 -The Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, Wayne County Public Health and Common Ground Health are completing a 2020 Community Health Assessment and Community Service Plan with input from several other health and human service agencies throughout the county. The process includes reviewing Common Ground's “My Health Story” survey data along with feedback from several focus groups.

  • Rochester has a bike lane problem

    WXXI News

    May 10, 2019 -The City of Rochester has installed more than 60 miles of bike lanes since 2011. But there’s a problem: Those bike lanes are often filled with parked cars. And the city has no way to track where or when it’s happening.  “It’s frustrating,” said Joe Di Fiore, the youth and family engagement specialist at Common Ground Health.

  • WELL campaign focuses attention on healthy school lunch

    April 5, 2019 - The WELL Campaign, an advocacy effort to improve student health and well-being in New York, partnered with Assemblymember Michael Benedetto and the American Heart Association to host a ‘School Wellness Policy Lunch & Learn.’ Alicia Evans of Healthi Kids was one of the speakers at the event.

  • Playing the Long Game: Connect & Collaborate to Tackle Social Determinants of Health

    Cardiovascular Business

    March 8, 2019 - Cardiovascular Business featured Common Ground's work with the High Blood Pressure Collaborative as part of an article on how health care organizations are guiding patients to non-medical resources, whether for prevention, management or recovery. "Make sure physicians know how to make an impact—and that they have the tools to do just that," says Thomas Mahoney, MD, chief medical officer of Common Ground Health.