Health Care Workforce Shortage

The Regional Consortium on Health Care Workforce issued recommendations on January 2017.

Community priorities guide the process

The consortium is an outgrowth of the work of the Regional Commission on Community Health Improvement, which recognized that workforce shortages are a burgeoning problem across the region and called for the creation of a regional planning effort to address the gap.

  • Eight of the nine counties in the Finger Lakes region are listed as Health Professional Shortage Areas for all or a portion of their population.
  • The growing senior population and the need to make behavioral health a normal part of primary care will exacerbate these shortages.

Consortium coordinates multiple workforce planning efforts

Workforce planning groups have been created by local, regional and state entities, including the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, the Finger Lakes Performing Providing System, the Regional Economic Development Council and New York State Department of Health. Each of these efforts provides a piece of the puzzle, but each is limited in its scope either geographically, by site, payor or population. The Regional Consortium on Health Care Workforce will bring these pieces together, providing a comprehensive picture of current and future work force needs and coordinating an efficient response.

Community leaders steer the process

Co-convened by Common Ground Health and Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council, the blue ribbon panel includes leadership from educational institutions, hospital systems and other health care employers, health insurers and business. Representative health care consumers also serve on the consortium.

The goal         

The group’s charge is to develop recommendations to meet the nine-county Finger Lakes region’s health care workforce needs through the year 2025. 

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