Population Health Improvement Program

Technical assistance

As the PHIP technical advisor to the Department of Health, Common Ground Health provides consulting to assist DOH and the 10 other PHIP contractors across the state to introduce a collaborative approach to solving regional health challenges.

PHIP data portal

We host a web-based analytic tool that allows PHIP contractors to analyze SPARCS data – the Department of Health’s comprehensive reporting system on hospitalizations, emergency room visits, diagnoses, services and other hospital use. For example, PHIP contractors can use the tool to explore the incidence of illnesses, such as heart attack, stroke or opioid overdose, looking for trends over times and checking for disparities based on geography, age, sex, socio-economic status and race/ethnicity.

Research and analytics webinars

We partner with the Department of Health on monthly webinars showcasing best practices around data collection for health. Topics include trainings on New York State’s all payer database (SPARCS) and SUNY Buffalo’s innovative work on asset mapping.

PHIP webinars

Common Ground Health and DOH provide technical assistance to the other PHIPs around strategies for getting their region engaged in collaborative health improvement. Topics include recruiting decision makers, managing chronic diseases and creating Community Health Improvement Plans and other health assessments.

Regional convening

Common Ground Health brings together hospital systems, health insurers, county health departments, physician groups, consumers and other partners to review data and design community-wide solutions. Recent health roundtables we have hosted include:

Regional data

Data is the cornerstone of community health planning. We maintain the most complete source of health and health care data in the region and provide the expertise in population-based analytics needed to make sense of that information.

Regional and county health measures

We track a wealth of health statistics for the region and by county, from smoking and high school graduation rates to life expectancy and causes of early death.

Community Health

Common Ground Health supports New York State’s Prevention Agenda, which aims to prevent chronic disease, promote healthy environments and support maternal and child health, among other public health goals. Recent population health efforts include:

  • Healthi Kids, an initiative that works with parents, students, teachers and community members to advocate for physical activity and unstructured play through daily school recess, more inviting play spaces in neighborhoods and safer walking routes to schools.
  • High Blood Pressure Collaborative, which aims to prevent stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and other complications of hypertension through initiatives in community and clinical settings. The program includes innovative interventions in faith communities and barbershops and salons, and maintains the high blood pressure registry with clinical data from more than 60 percent of patients with hypertension.
  • Medicaid reform (DSRIP). Common Ground Health is assisting this intense regional effort by serving on steering committees, partnering on planning for workforce needs and assisting with consumer engagement and cultural competency.


Initiatives - Population Health Improvement Program - Articles Featured

Initiatives - Population Health Improvement Program - Articles

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    How clinical data and coaching are driving improvement in high blood pressure

    August 23, 2018

     It’s one thing for medical practices to push for better blood pressure rates among patients. It’s another for them to see—with colorful numbers, charts and graphs—whether their efforts are making a difference.

     And in large part because of the High Blood Pressure Registry, they are.

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    Faith communities provide powerful path to health

    June 29, 2018

    An innovative initiative in a dozen African American churches has helped reduce dangerously high blood pressure rates among participants by more than 60 percent. Discover how spiritual support for healthy living is making a difference.

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    Eight reasons to stay focused on high blood pressure

    June 27, 2018

    The latest high blood pressure registry along with other local data show that high blood pressure and heart disease are leading drivers of premature mortality in our nine county Finger Lakes region, particularly for African Americans. View all eight data slides showing why we should stay focused on this chronic illness.

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    Bike share could improve public health, study finds

    June 19, 2018

    Rochester's bike share program holds tremendous potential for supporting more active, healthier lives for residents, shows a new Health Impact Assessment (HIA) from Common Ground Health and the Genesee Transportation Council.

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    Leading with conscience for four decades

    March 26, 2018

    Current and former colleagues celebrate the legacy of Lynn Varricchio, Common Ground Health's longest-serving employee who retires at the end of March.

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    New online resource helps providers address staffing needs

    November 21, 2017

    A new online library of workforce resources for local health care providers launched this month on our website. The library shares information on training, recruiting and retaining workers in the nine-county Finger Lakes region.

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    Poverty blocks access to health care in Rochester

    October 04, 2017

    Lack of health insurance is often deemed the #1 challenge that low-income residents face in accessing medical treatment. But a white paper released by Common Ground Health found that for Rochester’s most vulnerable populations, other barriers are equally daunting.