Videos showcase five wellness programs in Rochester

Videos showcase five wellness programs in Rochester

September 24, 2015

Conkey Cruisers

This grass roots neighborhood bicycling program in Rochester, N.Y., was inspired by Theresa Lou Bowick, a registered nurse who was determined to change the negative perception of exercise in her neighborhood.


More than a food pantry, Foodlink is developing innovative efforts to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to urban neighborhoods.

The Lily Cafe

A partnership of the United Way of Rochester, N.Y., Lifespan and the YMCA, the Caroline “Lily” Lobozzo Aging Resource Center – the Lily Café – promotes successful aging by providing an engaging atmosphere encompassing mind, body and spirit to combat isolation, promote community and encourage life-long learning.

Project Hope

Funded by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and managed by the Ibero-American Development Corporation, Project Hope supports grass roots effots towards neighborhood beautification, block club creation, healthy eating and more.

Rochester Walks

A partnership of the Center for Community Health, Action for a Better Community and the City of Rochester, the Rochester Walks initiative aims to get Rochester residents more physically active.