Senior Healthcare Shortage

Growing demand for senior care

Adults age 65 and older are the fastest growing demographic nationally and in the Finger Lakes region. Nationally, the older adult population is expected to increase by 30 million people between 2010 and 2030; regionally the senior population is projected to grow 38 percent from 2007 to 2025, at which point one in five people living in the region will be 65 or older.

Shrinking pool of caretakers

At the same time, the ability of families to informally care for seniors is expected to decline due in part to smaller families, a higher percentage of women working outside the home and family members living far away. In our region, the ratio of family members available to care for aging parents is expected to decrease from 6.6 to 1 in 2007 to 5.6 to 1 in 2025.

Regional solutions

To respond to the growing demand, the Regional Commission on Community Health Improvement brought together 40 clinical, public health and community experts. Their recommendations, released in July 2015, call for training more skilled caregivers, fostering better integration within medical, social and behavioral care teams and improving coordination of the complex medical needs of aging patients.


Senior Health Work Group Recommendations


Senior Health/LTC Work Group Roster


Senior Health/Long Term Care Work Group Charge

Research Highlights

Below are selections from the research and presentations reviewed by the Senior Health Work Group of the Regional Commission on Community Health Improvement:

2010 Census Report, 65 and older in the US - part I DOWNLOAD [PDF]

2010 Census Report, 65 and older in the US - part II DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Analysis of the Stanford Model DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Reliable and Sustainable Comprehensive Care for Frail Elderly People DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Using Telehealth to Improve Quality and Safety DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Necessary Steps: How Health Care Fails Older Patients, And How It Can Be Done Better DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Evaluation of Practice Models for Dual Eligibles and Medicare Beneficiaries with Serious Chronic Conditions DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Preparing Patients and Caregivers to Participate in Care Delivered Across Settings DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Evaluation of Practice Models for Dual Eligibles and Medicare Beneficiaries with Serious Chronic Conditions DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Sage Comission

2020 Vision for Aging Services: The Sage Commission Report, 2011

Based on two years of planning by a blue-ribbon commission of more than 100 community leaders, the Sage Commission report, released in 2011, provides a long-range blueprint for addressing the needs of the growing senior population and their caregivers in the nine-county Finger Lakes region The plan calls for more accessible, high-quality and cost-effective aging services, while decreasing nursing home beds and accommodating elders' preferences to delay institutionlized care for as long as possible.


Sage Commission Recommendations

Download [PDF]


Sage Data Book 2011



SAGE Charter


Sage Charter Short Version DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Funding Model 6/28/10 DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Monroe County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Ontario County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Schuyler County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Seneca County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Steuben County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Wayne County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Yates County Analysis DOWNLOAD [PDF]

Summary Sheet of the Region (14,280.19 KB) DOWNLOAD [PPT]

Information About Demand DOWNLOAD [PPT]

Assisted Living Services DOWNLOAD [DOC]

Hospice Report DOWNLOAD [PDF]

NORC Final Report 6/11/13 DOWNLOAD [PDF]