Health Care Capacity Planning

Technology review

The Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board (CTAAB) provides an independent, evidence-based appraisal of community need for new or expanded medical services, technology and major capital expenditures. CTAAB makes a determination on:

  • Whether new technology or services represent appropriate evidence-based medical practice, and
  • Whether additional health service capacity is warranted, taking into account geographic location, access, cost-effectiveness, quality and other community issues.

In 2013 and 2014, CTAAB – which Common Ground Health supports with both administrative services and advisory analyses – reviewed eight projects representing more than $32 million in capital costs and nearly $5 million in incremental annual community cost.

Through its actions, CTAAB saved more than $1 million in capital costs and approximately $2.4 million in annual operating costs.

Review past application or start a new CTAAB application at the: 

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Consensus on tough issues

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What should the region do when a single new medical treatment could bankrupt the entire health care system? That's the dilemma our region faced in 2014 when the new Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi was introduced. If all 20,000 estimated Hepatitis C patients were treated with the drug, the cost to our nine counties would be approximately $3 billion. CTAAB reviewed Hepatitis C treatment protocols and the use of Sovaldi through the Technology Assessment Committee. Their conclusion? Commercial insurers should adopt the guidelines developed by NY State’s Medicaid program, a recommendation that ensures appropriate treatment of Hepatitis C patients in a manner that is also economically sustainable.

Certificate of Need

Common Ground Health provides regional recommendations for New York State's review process for expansion and major medical equipment purchase of health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and diagnostic and treatment centers.

Called the Certificate of Need (CON) review, this process provides the Department of Health oversight in limiting investment in duplicate beds, services and medical equipment which, in turn, limits associated health care costs.

In the past two years, the organization has processed 62 ‘limited review’ applications. Additionally, we reviewed 13 substantive projects, three of which overlapped with the Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board assessments.

Through its relationship with CON review staff at the state level, Common Ground Health was able to affect the resolution in a desired direction of a number of proposed projects.

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