Community Health Improvement

The need for collaboration

The current healthcare system – while very good at providing high quality acute care – is ill-equipped to meet the complex needs of many non-acute patients, especially those with multiple chronic conditions. In addition, health care providers have a limited ability to address lifestyle-related illnesses like diabetes and tobacco and drug addiction. The Regional Commission on Community Health Improvement was chartered by Common Ground Health to find collaborative approaches to such challenges -- challenges that are too big for any one organization to solve alone. 

The blueprint

Issued July 14, 2015 by the commission, the Blueprint for Community Health Improvement provides a fact-based assessment of the health of residents in the Finger Lakes and consensus from dozens of community leaders about where we need to be and what we need to prioritize to get there. The Blueprint includes many ideas that can help our region move in the right direction by integrating behavioral health, preventing chronic disease and supporting residents’ health as they age. The commission’s call for communitywide planning around health care workforce ensures that our region will have the full range of professionals and skills required to meet our region's needs. 

16 measures of progress

The commission identified 16 communitywide measures that Common Ground Health will track to gauge the region’s collective progress toward improved community health in these categories:  

  • Health Outcomes (including premature death, low birthweight and good health self report)
  • Community Measures  (including obesity and smoking rates, childhood immunizations and high school graduation rates)
  • Clinical Measures (including emergency room visits for those 65+, preventable hospitalizations and nursing home utilization)


Blueprint for Community Health Improvement

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Executive summary



The commission's roster

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The commisssion's charge 

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