High Blood Pressure Collaborative


The High Blood Pressure Collaborative supports initiatives in both clinical and community settings, engaging more than 200 volunteers from over 70 organizations. 

Blood Pressure Advocates

Building on the internationally successful community health workers model, the team supports Blood Pressure Advocates, health coaches who work one-on-one with patients through the University of Rochster's Center for Community Health. For medical practitioners, the collaborative employs specially trained physicians to share evidence-based approaches for treating high blood pressure.


A registered dietitian assisted with the development of healthy workplace programming and the team offered a Worksite Wellness Checkup, an self-assessmen to help businesses identify ways to support employee wellness.

Neighborhoods and congregations

More than 25 barbers and hair stylists have been trained to take blood pressures and to encourage clients to see their doctors if the readings are high. The colllaborative's registered nurse also coaches laypeople to serve as health educators to their congregations and organizes conferences, like the 2015 Men's Health Conference. In partnership with the Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition, the team supports health ministries in more than 20 congregations. 


  High blood pressure graph Over the first five years of the campaign, hypertention control for adults in Monroe County improved 13.7 percent. The results are tracked through the nation’s first community-wide high blood pressure registry based on de-identified clinical data from our two major hospital systems as well as independent practices. As of June 2015, the registry contained the electronic data of 121,337 Monroe County patients, 69 percent of adults estimated to have high blood pressure.  In 2014, the innovative data initiative was expanded to eight additional Finger Lakes counties.


The High Blood Pressure Collaborative is part of the broader work of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce's health care planning team. Each week for the past 10 years, the team has brought together health experts, business leaders and community partners to find effective ways of improving health in the region. The group’s high blood pressure initiatives are managed through a partnership between the Rochester Chamber and Common Ground Health.

The team’s Leadership Roundtable includes the chief executive officers of the region’s largest employers, hospitals and health insurance companies. Current members are Eastman Kodak, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Common Ground Health, Jasco Tools, LiDestri Food and Beverage, MVP Health Care, Paychex, Rochester Business Alliance, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester Regional Health, University of Rochester Medical Center, Wegmans and Xerox.


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