Healthi Kids

Getting active

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that children be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. Unfortunately, only half of America's young people reach that mark. Healthi Kids aims to address this gap. The initiative works with parents, students, teachers and community members to advocate for physical activity and unstructured play Opens in a new window through daily school recess, more inviting play spaces in neighborhoods and safer walking routes to schools Opens in a new window. Responding to the campaign's advocacy efforts, the Rochester City School District adopted a mandatory daily recess policy and banned the withholding of recess as punishment Opens in a new window. Find out more at:

Better nutrition

  Fruits and vegetables

The first step to ensuring good nutrition for children is to make healthy food the default choice. Healthi Kids works to improve meals and snack offerings in schools, increase participation in the Summer Food Service program and expand the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in corner stores. The initiative also encourages breastfeeding, which research has shown lowers children's risk of becoming obese later in life.

Take action

Ways to build a culture of health for our area's children:


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