Health Disparities

African American Health Coalition

The coalition seeks to eliminate health disparities among communities of color. They engage community leaders, health professionals and Common Ground Health staff to help identify unmet needs, increase community knowledge and improve the collection of data on patients' race, ethnicity and preferred language.

The coalition focuses on non-medical interventions and on mobilizing the community in health promotion, health education and the practice of positive health behaviors. They advocate with health systems through public policy to improve the community health status of African Americans.

The African American Health Coalition meets monthly at Common Ground Health and meetings are free and open to the public. Times and dates are listed in the online calendar at the bottom of the page.


Latino Health Coalition

To eliminate health disparities among Latinos in our community, this coalition works with community leaders on a range of issues, including youth risk behaviors, health literacy, economic stress, mental health and cultural competency.

Using non-medical interventions, the coalition seeks to improve the scope, quality and availability of health services. It also looks for opportunities to support healthy behaviors and health education in the Latino community. The coalition advocates for policies and practices through local government and health care systems that will improve Latino health status.

The Latino Health Coalition monthly at Common Ground Health and meetings are free and open to the public. Times and dates are listed in the online calendar at the bottom of the page.


Partnership for Access to Healthcare

The partnership works to increase health insurance coverage and expand access to care by promoting universal coverage, monitoring state policy and tracking the impact of the lack of insurance in the region. Working with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, MVP Health Care, Monroe County, the Rochester Primary Care Network and other organizations, the partnership identifies barriers to insurance coverage and developes strategies to reduce these barriers.

The partnership developed recommendations for the Medicaid Matters policy brief on insurance expansion and for the state's health insurance exchange. It is currently working with New York State designated organizations assisting with enrollment in the state's health insurance exchange.


To find out more about any of the coalitions or attend a meeting, send an e-mail to

"What's Goin' On?"

Asking - and answering - Marvin Gaye's famous question, this report identifies the pressing health issues confronting the local African American community, specifically exploring the link between cultural environment and behavior in health care. It is hoped this report spurs broad discussion within the African American community, as well as making a collective call for community action.

What's Goin' On cover

This eight-page brochure highlights the organization's research on health outcomes for our region's African Americans in a user-friendly format.

What’s Goin’ On 2014 Executive Summary

What’s Goin’ On 2014 Full Report

"Nuestra Salud"

“Nuestra Salud” (Our Health) identified the need to expand access to care by reducing the uninsured Latino population and by empowering Latinos to be better health care consumers.

Nuestra Salud cover

This eight-page brochure highlights the organization's research on health outcomes for our region's Latino community in a user-friendly format.

Nuestra Salud 2014 Executive Summary

Nuestra Salud 2014 Full Report


Issues - Health Disparities - Articles Featured

Issues - Health Disparities - Articles

  • Image

    Community celebrates 10th anniversary of Rochester lead law

    September 20, 2016

    Representatives from the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning, the City of Rochester, the Monroe County Department of Public Health, community groups, staff members of the Environmental Protection Agency, and elected officials gathered Sept. 19 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Rochester lead law.

  • Image

    Community members star in health posters

    August 19, 2016

    More than 30 health champions are sharing their medication reminders in full-color posters made exclusively for their congregations or workplaces. The customized posters are part of a public health campaign to encourage community members to develop strategies for taking medication.

  • Image

    Conference helps churches make health ministries more effective

    June 15, 2016

    Building on the success of their 2015 men’s health conference, this year’s Interdenominational Health Ministry Conference focused on health as a spiritual matter and the connection among mind, body and spirit. The conference is part of IHMC’s ongoing work to encourage local health ministries and was sponsored in part by a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and was supported by Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency.

  • Image

    Aging expert calls for 'all hands on deck' to meet seniors' care needs

    August 17, 2016

    Recognizing that there will be too few geriatricians to meet the needs of our growing senior population, the medical community needs to train and make use of the talents all those who come into contact with seniors, including family caregivers and non-medical professionals, said renowned geriatrics expert Jennie Chin Hansen.

  • Image

    National expert on health disparities to speak May 6

    May 02, 2016

    Mary A. Pittman, chief executive officer and president of the Public Health Institute in Oakland, California., will explore the complex causes of health disparities and discuss solution to these challenge May 6 at RIT.

  • Image

    Racial and ethnic diversity in Greater Rochester

    May 02, 2016

    This interactive map provides a graphic visualization of our region's racial and ethnic residential patterns. Dots represent the majority racial and ethnic makeup by Census tract and background colors show the degree of diversity for areas.

  • Image

    Patient support leads to 'phenomenal' results

    October 30, 2015

    So much of medicine in the last century has been focused on technological miracles. But as this video reveals, treating many of today’s chronic illnesses calls for old fashioned human caring and professional support.

  • Image

    Neighborhoods and health linked, shows data

    August 19, 2016

    Early death is more common among those who live in ZIP codes in Rochester with a lower socioeconomic status, presenters from the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency told members of the medical community during Public Health Grand Rounds March 6 at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

  • Image

    Lead coalition honored by EPA

    January 04, 2016

    The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning has been selected as a winner of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Achievement Award for its leadership in community-based efforts to prevent childhood lead poisoning.