Our Impact

Kids 18 and under in the city of Rochester have access to healthy free summer meals at sites throughout the community and via Summer Meals food trucks. Details here.

As of June 2016, 71.6 percent of individuals 18 and older in Rochester diagnosed with hypertension had their blood pressure under control – compared to the national average of 52 percent. Find out more here.

With federal and state funding, Common Ground Health is helping medical practices introduce care management, improve population health and transition to an outcome-based payment model.

The Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board reviews new or expanded health care technology, services and capital spending. Its non-binding decisions help payers formulate reimbursement policies.

In partnership with New York Blood Pressure Inc., the High Blood Pressure Collaborative has placed 25 blood pressure kiosks in high-traffic locations in Monroe County.

According to a 2015 National Bureau of Economic Research study, the Greater Rochester area ranks third for lowest spending on private insurance and eight lowest for Medicare.

The #Play ROCs campaign is working with 45 neighborhood groups to create safe, active places to play in the City of Rochester.

Our Healthi Kids program advocated for Rochester's Complete Streets policy and organized advocacy training for residents from Rochester's poorest neighborhoods.

Patients working with care managers showed improvement in blood glucose, blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, clinical markers for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Read more here.

Health ministries in more than 20 congregations have engaged 241 individuals, a majority of whom report taking medications, reducing sodium and exercising more.

As a result of the Healthi Kids Water Access Campaign, students in the Rochester City School District now have access to free water during school meals.

These focus groups, along with key informant interviews, helped uncover barriers faced by communities of color, individuals without health insurance and the rural and urban poor. The findings helped to guide local efforts to redesign Medicaid.

Patients who worked with care managers have shownmarked improvement in the management of suchchronic disease as high blood pressure and diabetes. Find out more here.

The Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board aims to achieve a health care system with adequate capacity that promotes patient access to services, avoids duplication and contains costs.

The play days encouraged adults and children toplay in their neighborhoods, especially inreclaimed spaces that had been vacant orunderused.

team approach to care improved patient outcomes and staff satisfaction and helped tackle issues that are beyond the scope of a traditional 15-minute doctor visit.

The High Blood Pressure Collaborative provides pill boxes as part of its My Reminder campaign that encourages individuals to develop reminders for taking daily medications.

Colorful crosswalks installed around two Rochester City School District elementary schools help to calm traffic and promote safe walking and biking.