b'NEW YORK STATES PREVENTION AGENDAThe Prevention Agenda 1is a 5-year blueprint toward the vision that New York State is the healthiest state in the nation for people of all ages, across five priority areas: Prevent Chronic Diseases Promote a Healthy and Safe Environment Promote Healthy Women, Infants and Children Promote Well-Being and Prevent Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevent Communicable DiseasesUnder the priority area to Prevent Chronic Diseases, Healthy Eating and Food Security has been identified as a focus, with the overarching goal of reducing obesity and the risk of chronic diseases by: Increasing access to healthy and affordable foods and beverages Increasing skills and knowledge to support healthy food and beverage choices Increasing food security.Recognizing the vital link between healthy food access and health outcomes, the Food and Health Connection seeks to share information with partners prioritizing the health and well-being of their residents, including county health and mental health departments, health systems, municipalities, and community-based organizations to bolster service to their communities.In this report you will find data and analysis from several sources, including Feeding Americas Map the Meal Gap study, surveys of farmers and local food service providers, results from the My Health Story Survey, and community conversations around food access and consumption. The final section will provide actionable and evidence-based recommendations for communities in identifying gaps in access to fruits and vegetables.VISIONThe vision of the Food and Health Connection is to achieve equity among diverse populations in access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables. By convening diverse stakeholders and providing data, this report aims to lay the groundwork for how communities, including health systems, institutions, consumers and community based organizations can partner to expand existing efforts and create opportunities with new partners to address identified barriers to eating fruits and vegetables.6'