b'PROGRAM OF PROMISE PROGRAM OF PROMISECurbside reliably provides the produce customers wantThere are some people who say they wouldntLogistically, this is no small feat given the be eating healthy if it wasnt for Curbside, saysnumber of sites the market serves throughout Matt DeLaus, a driver for Foodlinks Curbsidethe region year-round.Market. Hoey says this dependability is the result of In 2013, Foodlink started its mobile market as atwo essential elements. The first is having way to give people living in communities withouta procurement manager who builds solid traditional grocery stores access to fresh,relationships with farmers and distributors affordable fruits and vegetables. The programto find and stock the highest quality produce launched in Rochester but soon expanded toat the best prices week after week. The suburban and rural communities where thesecond element is having staff who are need can be just as great. Curbside now hasdeeply committed to the mission of serving three trucks serving 85 different locations in sixcommunities lacking regular grocery stores.different counties, many of them all year long.It means we find a way to get there week after The key to the mobile markets success isweek to the very best of our abilities, says providing access to fresh produce that is notHoey.only convenient but reliable as well. Like a brick-and-mortar grocery store, Curbside has set days and times, so customers know exactly when they can shop.Its pretty important we be on time each week so that people can trust that were going to be there consistently, says DeLaus.Curbside is intentional in its reliability, says Carrie Hoey, the Curbside Market coordinator. 24'