b'COMMUNITY CAFSIn addition to analyzing survey data related to food and health in our region, we also held conver-sations with over 100 community members through Community Cafs. Hosted in the World Caf 7 model, these informal group gatherings allow for deeper exploration of daily experiences related to food and health. Community Cafs provide a comfortable environment for exploring questions to-gether. By answering questions in a group format, members of the caf are able to learn from each other and problem solve together.The timeline and participants of the Community Cafs are as follows: Methodology Participants were residents of the Finger Lakes area, and were recruited through existing programs or professional relationships with Common Ground Health. Before the cafs, participants were also asked to complete a brief survey about their access to fruits and vegetables. Eighty eight partici-pants completed the survey. Survey participant demographics are as follows: 22'