b'Top ConcernsThe My Health Story survey asked respondents to identify their top concerns for their own health and well-being, by asking the open-ended All things considered, what would you say is your biggest concern or fear in terms of your own health and well-being?Notably, weight was the second most common concern, after mental/emotional health (see Figure 15). Weight was also among the top three concerns for people of all income groups. Respondents also identified cost of health care, aging and cancer as top concerns.Figure 15: Top concerns for health and well-being, Finger Lakes region residents.The data from the My Health Story survey demonstrates that people have a general understanding of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, yet many people are not meeting the recommendations for daily fruit and vegetable consumption. Those with diet-related chronic disease identify their diets most often as a change they could make to help manage their conditions better. People across the region in all income categories have identified weight as a top health concern for themselves. Efforts to address the cost and time barriers identified by survey respondents could help people increase their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.20'