b'Chronic Disease ManagementParticipants reporting a diagnosis of one or more of the following diet-related chronic diseases: diabetes, extreme overweight or obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol were asked if they felt they were managing their condition well.Participants who reported both a diagnosis and that they were not managing their condition well were prompted to identify what would help them to better manage their condition. Raw responses were coded and grouped into categories, and the top five categories are provided in evidence clusters for each condition, along with quotations from the responses. ObesityAmong respondents with obesity, 62% reported they are not managing their condition well. Respondents cited diet and exercise as options that would help them to better manage their condition.Example responses:Diet: Stick to a diet, buy more salad, fruits and lean meat. But cost of all is substantially more expensive than buying less nutritious food, particularly lean meatExercise: Suggestions for in home or close to home activities to become more fit.Health Education/Nutrition: A person one on one to help with different aspects. Nutrition counseling and helping to meal plan.Food Cost/Access: Ability to afford healthy food and still pay my mortgage.Other Health Issues: A guided program that considers my physical limitations and chronic illness.DiabetesTwenty percent of people with diabetes reported that they are not managing their condition well. Diet and the cost of healthy food were cited most often, but notably several people cited health insurance limitations in accessing preventive services for people identified with pre-diabetes. Diet: Learn how much of what foods I should eat and which I should avoid.Food Cost/Access: Money to buy good food. My SNAP runs out before the end of the month is out.Health Education/Nutrition: Better eating habits would help. We used to have a class run out of Woodward on Genesee Street and they would bring healthy foods and teach you how to prepare them.Medication: Less expensive co pays on needed supplies and medication.Other Health Issues: I am a PRE-diabetic. Irequested a blood glucose testing supplies so I could better manage my pre-diabetic and NOT progress to diabetes. Insurance said NO, I had to be diabetic first. That makes no sense at all. Same with going to see a dietician to better understand how to prepare proper meals. again NO, not until I am diabetic.18'