b'PROGRAM OF PROMISESue Segelman of Legal Assistance of Western New York works to inform residents of assistance programs.Affordability is always the focusIf I had to choose one greatest challenge,I would definitely say Foodlinks Curbside based on the clients we deal with, Id have toMarket is first and foremost a program of say its not having enough money, says Suepromise, says Segelman. The food is very Segelman, the nutrition outreach and educationaffordable, and SNAP is not just accepted but program coordinator at Legal Assistance ofrewarded.Western New York, Inc., talking about the barriers that people in the Finger Lakes faceCurbside Market offers the Double Up Food with regularly putting fruits and vegetables onBucks program, which doubles the value of the table. federal assistance dollars up to $10 each and every time a person shops at the mobile Whether that means funding from themarket.supplemental nutrition assistance programs WIC, for women, infants and children, and SNAPThe Rochester Public market also gives a 40 (also known as food stamps) or actual dollars,percent discount for using SNAP, she says. The the problem is that financial resources arediscount is part of a wider effort by a coalition lacking for individuals and families. Segelmanof farmers markets that includes those in says she hears the same thing time and again:Brighton, the South Wedge and on the west side I just dont have enough to buy what I want. on Rochster. Theyre also providing education about how to shop affordably and how to cook Although most of my focus is SNAP, Im alwaysand use the food thats sold there.running down the list of every other resource were aware of that seems to fit their situation, she says. But affordability is always the focus, and always part of the conversation.So what are the programs of promise available to people who struggle with the cost of healthy foods?17'