b'Barriers also differed by residential area (see Figure 7):Participants in rural (43%) and urban (39%) areas are more likely than suburban (33%) participants to identify cost as a top barrier. Transportation was cited as a barrier more often for participants in urban (7%) areas compared to suburban (2%) or rural (3%) areas.Figure 7: Top barriers to eating healthier by rural, urban and suburban.Barriers to eating healthier also differed by age group (see Figure 8):Participants 65 and older were least likely to identify cost (18%) and time (4%) as barriers compared to younger people. People in the youngest age category, 18-24 were most likely to report that they dont know how to cook and prepare healthy meals that taste good (25%, compared to 14% for both 25-24 and 35-29, and 10% for 50-64).Figure 8: Top barriers to eating healthier by age group.14'