b'Barriers to Eating HealthierThe BRFSS data above demonstrate that across the Finger Lakes counties more than 1 in 5 people report eating less than one fruit or vegetable per day. We also identified a tension between how people value eating healthy and their actual eating habits. To further understand the barriers Finger Lakes residents face in eating healthier, survey respondents were asked what are the biggest challenges or barriers keeping you from eating healthier? The top five reported barriers in the Finger Lakes:1. Buying healthy food is too expensive. (38%)2. I really dont have any barriers keeping me from eating healthy food. (37%)3. I dont have the time to shop for and prepare healthy food. (20%)4. I dont know how to cook and prepare healthy meals that taste good (20%)5. The others in my household dont eat healthy, and we eat together (12%)Noticeably, the top barriers differed by income (see Figure 6):Cost of healthy food was cited more often by people in lower income groups, but its worth noting that 20% of those in the highest income group also identified that healthy food is too expensive.People of higher incomes are more likely to identify lack of time to shop for and prepare healthy foods than those in the lowest income category.Transportation, while not identified as a top barrier for the region as a whole, impacted lower income respondents more than higher income respondents. Figure 6: Top barriers to eating healthier by income, Fingers Lakes region.13'